Instant Innovation, LLC is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and manages a futuring and question (innovation) consultancy along with several websites, projects, and a human network each related in some way to the future of society.



Script Sphere is an Internet television portal with icons large enough to navigate from across the room.
Community Transformer is a global network of community transformation professionals.
The Integral Futuring Dialogue Center is a non-partisan think tank for future society. It aims to balance the three main elements of society: 1) Knowledge Advance, 2) Social Context, and 3) Economy.
HyperAdvance is a blog that publishes thoughts on advanced futuring concepts and future news.
Launch Home is a web services blog. Over time, we plan to load 10,000+ web services and resources from our private library into this blog.
Prophecy Research is a blog about various prophecies and predictions and how these can be harmonized into a single vision.
Anti-Knowledge is a new concept that defines the role of the question in knowledge working. This has staggering power and implications to our future world.
Future Indiana is a website focused on the future of the State of Indiana in the USA.